WIN with our GOLDEN TICKETS & Celebrate 6 Years

6th Birthday Celebration at The Dairy Den: Win Golden Tickets All October!

Can you believe it? The Dairy Den is turning 6, and we are so excited to celebrate this milestone with all our wonderful customers. Over the years, we've been serving up the creamiest, most delightful ice creams, and we want to give back. To make this celebration extra special, we've prepared an exciting treat for you – Golden Tickets! Throughout the entire month of October, we are giving you the chance to win fabulous prizes every time you indulge in your favourite treats at any of our four stores.


Why Golden Tickets?

Inspired by the timeless classic, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," our Golden Tickets are your golden opportunity to win big. We've hidden these special tickets in our ice cream shop – every time you make a purchase, you have a chance to win one of these tickets.


How It Works:

 Visit any of our four Dairy Den locations during the month of October.

    • Sea Point
    • Kenilworth Centre
    • Willowbridge centre
    • and N1 Value Centre.
  1. Order your favouurite ice cream, milkshake, donut, bubble waffle or any item from our delectable menu!
  2. Your purchase may contain a Golden Ticket! If so, you're an instant winner.


What Can You Win?

We're keeping the excitement level high by offering a range of fabulous prizes when you discover a Golden Ticket. Here are some of the fantastic rewards up for grabs:


  • Free Ice Creams!
  • Free Bubble Waffles!
  • Free Milkshakes!
  • DONUT WALLS filled with Donuts for an event!
  • DONUT CAKE STANDS filled with Donuts for an event!

To maximize your chances of finding a Golden Ticket, here are some tips:

  1. Visit Frequently: The more you visit, the higher your chances of finding a Golden Ticket.
  2. Try Different Items: Variety is the spice of life! Explore our menu and try something new each time.
  3. Bring Your Friends and Family: The celebration is always sweeter with loved ones, and who knows, they might find a Golden Ticket too!

At The Dairy Den, we've been serving the tastiest ice cream in town for six years now, and we owe our success to our amazing customers. Our 6th birthday celebration is all about giving back, and we can't wait to see those smiles when you discover a Golden Ticket with your order.



So, join us this October at any of our 4 Dairy Den stores for a chance to win exciting prizes, celebrate with your favourite treats, and make our 6th birthday an event to remember. This is our way of saying thank you for your support over the years. Happy birthday to us, and here's to many more years of delicious ice cream and unforgettable memories at The Dairy Den!