About The Dairy Den

The Dairy Den is a family run business that serves soft serve, milkshakes, donuts and coffee.
We're all about creating fun and affordable treats, with a trendy edge, that the whole family can enjoy.
SIsters Tasia and Lexi tell their story..

The Dairy Den brand is a labour of love and a coming together of years of experience, happy family memories and fresh thinking.

When our Papou ("Grandfather" in Greek) started making ice cream in South Africa in 1948, he probably had no idea of the impact it would have on the generations to come.
Ice cream has been a part of our daily lives for as long as we can remember. As siblings, we used to play hide and seek in the factory store room while our dad was hard at work creating his latest ice cream flavour. Our friends probably thought ice cream was all we ate!
Growing up with happy childhood memories, many centred around family time and ice cream, inspired us to open The Dairy Den.
Our family has ice cream running through our veins
With a family history like ours and seeing a space in the market for a concept that provides simple, fun and affordable treats for all families, we set to work creating the brand in 2017.
We wanted to create a store that was friendly and welcoming and where people could treat themselves to products that were yummy and fun. A place where happy memories could be created for everyone.
We placed a lot of emphasis on developing products that were ahead of the trends and would therefore be a bit more interesting to our customers. 
Affordability was also really important for us. Being moms, we know how special it is to be able to treat the family and we wanted to make that possible for lots of different families too.
Mom and dad in the early days, with one of the first soft serve machines
The three siblings, Lexi, Andrew and Tasia 
We decided to challenge ourselves and include donuts in our product line. Not knowing much about these little rings of delight, we set to work arming ourselves and our staff with the new skills and ways of thinking to diversify our brand and make it even more appealing. Let’s just say that there were some interesting times along that particular road!
We now offer soft serve, donuts, double thick milkshakes and coffee, so there really is something for everyone.
We’re still learning everyday and couldn’t be more grateful for where we are now as a result of a coming together of family, friends and our wonderful staff, who all believed in us.
Who knows, maybe one day we will achieve our ultimate goal, where all over South Africa The Dairy Den will be synonymous with happy family memories and trendy, delicious treats for everyone!
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